Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For all you grunge fans out there...

So Emily and I work approximately 4 blocks from each other. Yet we've only gotten together for lunch twice now. Today being the second time. Today I forgot my delicious lunch that I had prepared. A low-light of my morning, realizing that tragedy. But it turned into a highlight of my day. Since I couldn't just eat at my desk like I normally do (lame) and had to go buy something, I figured I might as well see what Emily was up to for lunch. So I took a little stroll down to her office, we purchased some delectible cuisine, and decided to sit outside since it is such a beautiful day.

Best. decision. ever.

Turns out they do concerts in the park out there every day. They call it the Lunch Bunch. (cute, huh?)

Today's local talent was unintentionally hilarious. A group of guys in their late 30s or 40s. Still chasing their dream. Inspiring, really.

We had to take a little walk to get a peek at how many people were actually sitting down by the stage. Emily guessed 22. I guessed 14. We were both too high. As we passed by, the drummer, sporting a Hawaiian shirt and a long white ponytail, smiled and made eyes at me.

You know I'll be there when they return August 2. Join me. Please.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Avoid Eye Contact

This is living in my pipes.

She woke up and started making noise a few days ago. Loud noise. Right through my bathroom wall. At first we thought it sounded like the house was just suffering from indigestion. I shared this thought with Matt the Landlord and he said that could be it. Or it could be the sub pump blah blah blah.

But before we could make it to Costco to get enough Pepto to remedy the situation, it hit me. How could I have not figured it out before? I realized that we were all in grave danger. Especially Matt the Landlord, who said he would come over and check the pipes.

Maybe I should warn him. He has a nice smile.

Here Comes the Sun.

Summer might be coming. I'm not sure.

Either way, I'm in need of some new sunglasses.

Thoughts on these?

Friday, April 1, 2011


Things I love about today: 1. Sunshine and finally feeling like Spring. 2. New tights. 3. Driving to work this morn with Showtunes taking over one of the radio stations (it took me 90% of the drive there to realize the correlation between this Friday Morning Miracle and April Fools' Day). Things I hate about today: 1. See number 1 above. And then realize I am inside. 2. Client is coming to sign some papers, but not until almost 5, so I am stuck inside until then. 3. The announcement that there were treats in the break room, and then the sign on the table that said April Fools! Rude.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Phone, meet toilet.

I had hoped you would never meet, but now you have.

Apparently the little muffin-top-esque shelf that is created when I roll the top of my sweatpants is not an appropriate nor a safe place to perch my phone when my hands are full of other things. Especially if I plan to forget that I placed the phone there and then go into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Whoops, I'm crazy!

This is why I always keep the toilet seat closed. I had a roommate that fought with me about this once, saying that when she needed to go, she NEEDED to GO and didn't have that extra half second it takes to lift the lid. I remain firm in my conviction that the lid belongs down as much as possible. Precisely for reasons such as this.

Needless to say, my hand has never plunged into a toilet bowl so quickly (I was very grateful the water was clean). I took it apart, dried it off as best I could, put it back together, and turned it on. Anytime I pushed a button, it would act as if I pushed like 15 other buttons.

So into a bag of rice my celly friend went. Tried again this morning. White screen of death. Back into the rice.

Just tried again, and while I was out of the room, I called my dad. And then in the middle of our phone call "I" started text messaging random numbers. So if you get a weird message from me (especially if you are on my speed dial, which, let's face it, if you are one of the 7 people who read this blog there is a good chance you are), I apologize.

Back into the rice....Otherwise, we may have to revert to Short Mail...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hap Prez Day

I had much different vision for this post, but then decided to ruin lives in just one more way.*

And Janna said I have like 50 unfinished drafts saved on here. Untrue. It is less than 10. But even so, I did not want to add another one to the pile.

So instead I will share with you some facts about our 11th President, James K. Polk.
And I will let you learn them the same way I did: through song.

*It would not let me save a picture, which was apparently taken on Janna's camera and not my own. Are we going to have to go back to the days where everyone has to get a picture on their own camera...or EMAIL them to each other? Young Hickory would not have let that happen.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You know how there are some things that just never get old?

Like the fact that Darren is color blind?*

And I just laughed out loud to myself thinking about all the jokes we can/have made about it. I might be a bad person. But it's always funny. Every. Single. Time.

Here's another one that gets me every time. It's just always funny.

*Imagine this sentence in multiple colors. If you can. (Blogger hates me.)