Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For all you grunge fans out there...

So Emily and I work approximately 4 blocks from each other. Yet we've only gotten together for lunch twice now. Today being the second time. Today I forgot my delicious lunch that I had prepared. A low-light of my morning, realizing that tragedy. But it turned into a highlight of my day. Since I couldn't just eat at my desk like I normally do (lame) and had to go buy something, I figured I might as well see what Emily was up to for lunch. So I took a little stroll down to her office, we purchased some delectible cuisine, and decided to sit outside since it is such a beautiful day.

Best. decision. ever.

Turns out they do concerts in the park out there every day. They call it the Lunch Bunch. (cute, huh?)

Today's local talent was unintentionally hilarious. A group of guys in their late 30s or 40s. Still chasing their dream. Inspiring, really.

We had to take a little walk to get a peek at how many people were actually sitting down by the stage. Emily guessed 22. I guessed 14. We were both too high. As we passed by, the drummer, sporting a Hawaiian shirt and a long white ponytail, smiled and made eyes at me.

You know I'll be there when they return August 2. Join me. Please.


Emily said...

I'll be right there with you! I'm glad you suggested we eat outside. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind since I always eat at my desk (also very lame.) in the meantime we should fine tune our grunge-recognition skills. Skillz? Skillz.

Carolyn Quebe Williams said...

HA! I would love it. That's awesome.